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Scripture for Today: Isaiah 44:22 “I have swept away your offenses like a cloud, your sins like the morning mist. Return to me for I have redeemed you.”

After living in Europe so many years, we have ridden our share of Alpine gondolas or cable cars.  It is always exciting to be suspended over deep gorges and valleys.  It is always a rush to be teetering over herds of cows with their bells around their necks.  Although the destination is usually a peak or high point on a mountain, the view going up is just as important.  It is always a letdown to have that view obscured by the mist.

Today’s verse is a call to return to the Lord.  The prophet, Isaiah, is reminding the people of how useless their false gods are.  Fabricating and worshipping a block of wood reveals to what point their “eyes are plastered over so they cannot see” or understand (Verse 18).  Their sins were like a cloud that obscured their vision.  Their rebellion created a mist that blocked their view of the True God and His love and power.  Despite their betrayal in turning away from the One True God, He is inviting them to return to Him.

I know where I am going.  My destination is already secured.  I can say that as my salvation is based on His finished work on the cross and not my own works.  But the views on my way there can be obscured by that mist of my own sin.  I miss out on those breathtaking vistas of His power, love and beauty when I turn away from Him.  Life is not quite so exciting when my view of the eternal is shrouded by my own rebellion.

Lord, thank you for sweeping away the clouds and mist and allowing me to enjoy You!

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