Devotions By Jan

You Are Invited!


Scripture for Today: Revelation 22:17  “The Spirit and the bride say, “Come.”  And let the one who hears say, “Come.”  And let the one who is thirsty come;  let the one who wishes take the water of life without cost.”

Everyone likes to receive invitations, to know that our presence is wanted.  The invitation pictured here (click to enlarge) is for women in Orange County, California who enjoy a fabulous Christmas Brunch and are interested in hearing me speak!

In today’s verse there is a very special invitation given in the very last chapter of God’s Word.  It is extended by two different sources: the Holy Spirit, and the Bride who is the Church.  We have the privilege of cooperating with Him in getting out this invitation.  It is given to those who recognize their thirst and the need to satisfy it with the Living Water, Jesus Christ.  Although there is no cost to us, it cost Jesus everything to extend it.

Normally, an invitation includes a date, a time and a place.  The fact that this invitation is issued at the very end of time is another example of God’s patience and desire that ALL come to repentance (II Peter 3:9)  The time?  II Corinthians 6:2 says that NOW is the time of salvation.  There is no ending time listed as eternity has no end.  The place is His presence.  It is amazing that He wants me in His presence forever.

Like all good invitations, this has an RSVP.  He awaits our response.  Some invitations say, “regrets only.”  The regret that comes from refusing to come is a regret that will be eternal.  I am so thankful to have heard Him say, “Come.”

Thank you Lord, for inviting me.  Help me be faithful in inviting others.

4 thoughts on “You Are Invited!

  1. Dear Jan,

    I am so proud of your effective Devotions as well as your upcoming Christmas Brunch Speaking engagement.

    I will be praying for all your preparations as well as your joy-filled delivery on that day, Dec. 7th.

    Wish I could attend.

    In Jesus,



  2. We’ll see you at the event! Looking forward to it!

    Liked by 1 person

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