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Scripture for Today: John 8:31-32 “…Jesus said, ‘If you hold to My teaching, you are really My disciples. Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.'”

This poor cat looks traumatized! And because he is a cat, he is not only stuck but embarrassed about it! There is panic in his eyes as he realizes that pretended indifference will not save him! He can act as if he meant to be there in this ridiculous position, but no one would be fooled. Perhaps he believed a lie in overestimating his own prowess. But clearly he needs someone to climb up there and free him.

Today’s verse describes how the truth will set one free. Jesus is speaking to Jews who were incensed that He would refer to them as “enslaved.” But in fact, lies and falsehoods do enslave those who believe them to the author of lies, Satan. Jesus names him as the “father of lies” having no truth in him. (verse 45) In contrast, Jesus calls Himself, the Truth. (John 14.6) And He calls His Word, “truth.” (John 17:17) His truth sets us free from deception. The truth sets us free to know our Creator, to love Him and to serve Him.

It is increasingly difficult to distinguish truth today. The veneer of authenticity is so convincing. The packaging of the lie is deceptive. But I know the One who is Truth. It is not a concept. It is a Person. The more I know Him, the less likely I am to be deceived by the father of lies. The more I read the truth of His Word, the more I can distinguish what does not come from Him. And the best part of recognizing truth is that it brings me closer to Him!

Lord, free me by Your truth to love You more!

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