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Ayers Rock

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Scripture for Today: Isaiah 26:4 “Trust in the Lord forever, for the Lord, the Lord Himself, is the Rock Eternal.”

This huge red rock rising up from the Central Australian desert, is quite impressive for several reasons. First, it is remarkable for its size. It measures almost 6 miles in circumference and stands 1,141 feet high! Also, this huge rock made of sandstone is home to rare plants and animals and ancient art can be seen on its cave walls. The rock is called, “Uluru,” by the Australian Aboriginal peoples. But perhaps most surprising is the claim that this rock is half a billion years old!

Today’s verse describes a rock that has far “outlived” the Ayers Rock. The Lord is said twice in this verse to be a rock that is eternal. And it is because He is eternal that He is worthy of our trust. He is not going anywhere. We can count on His faithfulness as His Word and promises are solid. And because He is eternal, without beginning or end, our trust in Him can last forever. When we steadfastly trust this solid rock, we are kept in perfect peace. (verse 3) He will never be moved from His faithful commitment to His children.

How quickly the world can change! The refashioning of what is considered, “normal,” seems to have occurred in an instant. The “good ole days,” can be as recent as last month! But in the midst of changes, whether considered positive or negative, I can have perfect peace. I can be steadfast because my trust in the Lord is steadfast. My faith in Him can grow stronger because He is my unmovable, unchanging and eternal Rock. Despite the swirling unsettled political, financial, or relational landscape, I can count on my Eternal Rock.

Lord, You are my strength and my stability.

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