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At the End of the Roll

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Scripture for Today: Philippians 4:19 “And my God will meet all your needs according to the riches of His glory in Christ Jesus.”

Who would have thought it! First folks were hoarding toilet paper in this time of pandemic. And now, so many months down the line, the hoarding has moved to paper towels! There are similarities in the material being disposable paper and in being on a roll. With both there may be a sense of panic or at least concern when coming to the end of that roll! The French have a saying for running out of money; “au bout du rouleau,” meaning to be at the end of the roll.

For the believer, we need not ever panic when it comes to finances.  Today’s verse gives us a promise.  He will supply all our needs.  His store of supplies will never run out.  One can never come to the end of the riches of His glory. Paul wrote this verse while in prison.  He experienced all kinds of hardship and yet he was able to affirm this truth.  God took care of all his needs.  I am sure that while traveling on his mission trips, he saw God supply all his needs.

I can affirm the truth of this promise.  For the last 33 years in full time ministry my husband and I have seen God provide for all of our needs through individuals and churches.  Some times were leaner than others.  But the Lord has always come through for us. My problem is distinguishing between what is “need” and what is “want.”  God’s Word does not promise to supply all I want.  (I know, I’ve looked!)  He knows the difference.  But He loves to give good gifts and His generosity is amazing!

Thank you Lord for Your faithful care.

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