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Scripture for Today: Psalm 49:14a “They are like sheep and are destined to die; death will be their shepherd but the upright will prevail over them in the morning…”

There is something so hopeful about watching the sunrise! The darkest part of the night seems to be just before that magical moment. The darkness lightens in almost imperceptible degrees. And soon, the sun peeking over the horizon, colors the sky with with warmth. The sunrise represents a new day with new beginnings. And how special it is to share that time of sunrise with the one you love!

Today’s verse talks about the morning that is coming for the upright. Those who place their trust in God can look forward to the time when He will redeem them from the dead and take them to Himself. (verse 15) But for those who trust in themselves, the outlook is not so good. (verse 13) If they have depended on their own wealth and splendor, it does not serve them well in the life to come as they cannot take it with them. (verse 17) The upright have no reason to fear evil days ahead when surrounded by the wicked. (verse 5) With the arrival of the morning, those in right standing with God will prevail!

I cannot buy my salvation. I cannot save myself. My standing in the world does not impress the Lord. He is not awed by success or riches. I may enjoy admiration from others and even have lands named after me. (verse 11) But none of that matters in light of eternity. I bring nothing to the table but a humble broken heart. In His grace and mercy He accepts me, “just as I am without one plea,” except that He died for me. And because of His saving grace, I will prevail in the morning!

Thank you Lord, for the new day coming!

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