Devotions By Jan

Goldfish Trauma

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Scripture for Today: Genesis 1:27 “So God created mankind in his own image, in the image of God he created them; male and female he created them.”

As a young girl, I loved my little goldfish but I wasn’t so careful about keeping the bowl clean. My sweet Grandma was just trying to help. She decided one morning to clean that bowl for me. She was quite proud of the result; a bowl sparkling clean with new clear water. But I was horrified! There was no goldfish! She had inadvertently poured that fish right down the drain!

Today’s verse may seem to have nothing to do with this story. But in fact, because mankind is made in the image of God, we all have value. Because of our rebellion, this image is tarnished in all of us. But it is there. Unlike the beasts of the fields, there is a soul in each of us that is made to commune with the Creator. And there is no one who is beyond the reach of Christ to forgive and restore to the relationship for which we are born! But we have the choice to accept His offer of salvation or reject Him and head for that drain.

I tend to write some people off. I sometimes think that an individual is too far gone in their sin to ever be changed. But God’s power far exceeds my limited understanding. He makes new what is old. He cleans what is filthy and unrecognizable. He raises to life what was dead. Because of His power and His desire to see ALL come to repentance, there is hope for every human being who turns to Him in faith. (II Peter 3:9) I am so glad God has thrown out all my dirty water without throwing me out!

Thank you Lord, for Your forgiveness.

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