Devotions By Jan

Oh Deer!

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Scripture for Today: Psalm 73:23-24 “Yet I am always with you. You hold me by my right hand. You guide me with your counsel, and afterward you will take me to glory.”

Fabrice Florin, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

This poor deer seems as if he is paralyzed with indecision! His little brain is probably thinking, “Run left or right? Go forward or turn around?” Fear has made him immobile. By the time he figures it out it may be too late. Not only for him but for the driver who may incur damage to the car!!  I can feel much like this confused deer when faced with too many choices. I can be overwhelmed with too many decisions especially when there has been too little sleep! 

Today’s verse is a wonderful promise. The Lord is always at the side of a believer. He offers His hand and His counsel. He is there to help with every decision, even the small ones. When making an important decision, the different options can sometimes lead to lingering indecision! The fear of choosing incorrectly can completely block us.  In consequence, decisions are postponed or sometimes left to others. Being paralyzed with indecision gives God no opportunity to guide us. 

I am thankful for a patient and understanding God. I am never left on my own in making choices. If I would but turn to Him, He would offer His guidance. He reaches out His hand to steer me in the right direction. But it is up to me to see my own limits and reach for His hand. What a beautiful image it is to see that hand continuing to guide me all the way through life and into eternity!

Thank you  Lord, for Your hand and Your counsel.  Please guide me in every decision today.

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