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Clinging to a Web

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Scripture for Today: Job 8:13-15 “Such is the destiny of all who forget God; so perishes the hope of the godless. What they trust in is fragile. What they rely on is a spider’s web. They lean on the web but it gives way. They cling to it, but it does not hold.”

This frosted spider web almost looks like something crocheted! It is so beautiful and intricate. I would be more enthusiastic about webs if they did not involve hidden lurking spiders! It is said that spider silk is stronger than steel. And by some criteria that is true. Most spider silk has a high tensile strength comparable to that of a high grade alloy steel. The “tensile” strength refers to the largest stress that a material can stand before breaking. The spider silk is one of God’s wonders in creation as it can stretch up to five times its relaxed weight before breaking.

Today’s verse is part of a conversation between Job and one of his three friends, Bildad. Much of what his three friends said was discouraging for Job as they assumed his trials were a result of some hidden sin. But the observation Bildad makes in this verse is absolutely true. Those that forget God and do not trust in Him find themselves relying on a spider’s web! Trusting on anything or anyone other than the Lord is a fragile trust that will eventually give way. 

My own ideas, my own strength or even my own resources are like relying on that spider web. It will only hold me up temporarily. It is just too flimsy and fragile. The Lord tells me not to even lean on my own understanding but to trust Him. (Prov. 3:5-6) How much better to lean on the One whose power and might can hold me up in any circumstance!

Thank you Lord, that I can rely on You and Your strength!

(Look familiar? This is a repost from 2015)

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